About Us

Danx To The Rescue is a privately owned non-profit no-kill organization rehoming facility that houses puppies and dogs so they can run free without being caged. We rescue dogs from kill shelters and people who directly surrender their pet(s). The president and founder of DANX is Joy Olivero. She was born and raised in the east coast; now residing in Arizona. She is living her dream by fostering fur babies and finding them love filled homes. On a very hot sunny morning, not too much different than any other hot day in the Arizona heat, Joy decided to attend a pet adoption event hosted at a local kill shelter. It was her first time going to a shelter and wasn't mentally prepared on what was coming next. Numerous dogs barking aggressively at spectators as they passed; scared, sad, anxious, and some looked happy because they didn't know their eventual demise if no one could take them home. By the time she saw the 8th dog, she had to remove herself from the premises to cry. There's a large territory the animal shelter has to rescue but not enough space. At that moment, she made it her mission, that going forward, she would help as many dogs as he possibly could by providing them with a clean safe environment. Joy Olivero is certified canine trainer and will soon continue her journey to be a certified therapy canine trainer! This ensures she and other volunteers can give the animal the correct attention it needs to blend in society. Joy lives in a clean, friendly, residential property that is open to the public; by appointment- that is over 3,500 sq. The property comfortably accomadates fur babies. There is no more than 6 dogs in the home at the same time of fostering. Volunteers are desperately needed as we continue to grow and if you or someone you might know are interested, please click here to fill out an application to become a foster parent. All animals are fostered in a clean private home without given an expiration date to leave. This method is conducive to learning each dog's behavior to avoid being euthanized and finding the right family to match each animal's needs.  ALL puppies are kept for a minimum of 10 days separated and closely monitored to ensure they are not sick as well as a license veterinarian exam is done before giving them a permanent home. Inevitably, this method helps eradicate the spread of contagious diseases to healthy dogs.

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