My life!

Hey 👋🏻!

I’m a German Rottweiler.  I come from a line of champions: meaning- if you know anything about my breed, I live up to my name!

I’m incredibly devoted, loyal, loving, intelligent, and protective. I make a wonderful addition to your family and I like to play. 

When I was 8 weeks old, I found the perfect family! As the months went by, life became difficult because I didn’t know what was expected of me regarding boundaries that were placed in our hom. So, I did whatever I wanted. 

My fur parents decided to put me in school for basic command training but that got boring so I started acting out... scaring my family 😬

Can you believe they were afraid of me?😢 I just wanted to make them smile, go for walks, the park, cuddle, and feel love. Is that too much to ask? 😔😏The more afraid they became, the more time I was left  to spend time alone. 💔

Not sure what caused my anxiety or PTSD but I’m overcoming it with a professional. 

Before I met my psychiatrist, I would try to bite your head off if you touch me... I wasn’t use to humans showing me affection. Now, I absolutely love it! ❤️🐶

I wasn’t socialized...ever...but now I’m going out EVERYDAY! 

 The world 🌎 isn’t as scary as I thought ! Loving 🥰 life and still have more to learn. Follow me on Instagram #rugersjourney

Love and Peace,

Ruger 🐾