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Train Online With a Certified Canine Trainer

Why online Training?

Joy Olivero is a certified Dog Trainer helping you correct your dogs behavioral challenges.

Why should you consider training online rather than the traditional dog trainer you see in-person? For starters, prices are much less expensive than an in-person dog trainer. Personal dog trainers can cost anywhere from $30 to $100 per hour. You are also restricted to the dog trainer’s schedule. With online dog training school, you can train your dog on your time. You also build a stronger connection with your dog through behavioral training, reinforcing your position in the house as the β€œalpha dog.” We hope to help you find a behavioral training solution that works!


Ask Joy questions and send photos and videos
Uses positive reinforcement, no force or aggression
Weekly updates
You get to train your dog yourself
Numerous videos

Cannot download videos, must have internet connection to view content


Ask Joy any question β€” you can even send in photos and videos
Pay $44 every 30 days for access to online resources
3 day trial for $3
Note: If your budget and schedule allows, it is unlikely you will find a better training method than in person with an expert because it allows for truly customized feedback and lessons. If you would like to find a dog trainer near you, visit The Association of Professional Dog Trainers website. However, if you think Joy's online solution may be the best choice for you and your pet, sign up today!

If your dog has a specific habit you’re trying to fix like eating wood, whining or digging holes, you will also have access to check out one of our training articles amd/ or video.

What do you want your dog to learn?

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